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New safety code hopes to reduce and prevent accidental child deaths.

By , September 15, 2011 7:11 pm
 River City Glass does it’s best to keep up with an everchanging industry. We are happy to post this new code established to prevent and/or reduce the amount of deaths caused by children and adults falling out of two story or higher windows. We back this code 100 percent and hope that through the new code and compliance by window retailers we will be able to save lives.Across the world, falls account for over half of all domestic accidents involving children and constitute the second most common cause of accidental death in children after road accidents. In the United States, falls from windows account for an estimated 12 deaths and 4,000 injuries among children under 10 years of age every year.Window manufacturers are determined to do everything possible to prevent these tragedies happening to families across our nation. The new code, ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010, is the result of window industries’ efforts to save lives, by improving window safety through organizations such as the Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council.

This specification establishes the installation, safety, performance, and labelling requirements for devices intended to address the risk of injury and death associated with accidental falls from windows by children five years old and younger.



   BRIEF EXPLANATION OF THE NEW STANDARDOpen Window – No more than 4 inches
When opening control devices or window fall prevention screens are properly engaged, the window opening must be less than 4 inches. Release Mechanism – No tools or special knowledge for emergency escape Window opening control devices must have release mechanisms to allow an escape in case of an emergency. They should be designed to allow an escape without the need for special knowledge, tools or keys.

Release Mechanism – Independent operations of release mechanism
To protect against the unintentional operation by a young child, the emergency escape release mechanism must be operated either by

  • two independent single actions or
  • one dual action

The sash and the release mechanism needs to operate independently of each other.

Force Needed – Maximum force 15 lbf
The force required to release the emergency escape mechanism should not exceed
15 lbf (66N).

Automatic Reset
After the window opening control device is released, it must automatically reset when the window sash is fully closed.

Easily Seen Indicator
The emergency escape release mechanism must be clearly visible so that it can be used in an emergency situation without impediment.

No interference with integrity of window
Opening window with the control device must not interfere with the operation, function or performance of the window. The opening control device must also comply with any other applicable code standard requirements.

Instructions / Warnings that must be included
Each aftermarket window opening control device, when sold, must include installation instructions, operating instructions and safety information in the packaging.

The emergency escape release mechanism must operate properly under all reasonably foreseeable operating – and weather conditions.

Window opening control devices must be tested and need to meet all requirements in accordance with Section 8b.

Window opening control devices and emergency escape release mechanisms must not prevent the window unit from complying with applicable code requirements for minimum opening size.




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